Main Character in New Netflix Christmas Flick Is Veg – Some Vegan Girl

Vegetarians and vegans are officially normalized, at least according to one new Netflix holiday gem.

The main character in one of the streaming giant’s new Christmas movie: The Holiday Calendar, is an admitted vegetarian! WOO!

Screw turkey on the table. Bring on the plant meats.

As a self-professed Christmas ADDICT, I’ve been binging all the holiday stuff I can get my hands on. Duh.

Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I pressed play on The Holiday Calendar and heard this dialogue:

Abby Sutton (main character): “I see you’re making your famous chili.”

Gramps: “I made a vegetarian one for you and me, shhh.”

Abby: “My partner in crime!”

In the past, vegetarians and vegans tended to be made fun of, particularly in traditional situations. Like, how dare you opt out of old school stuff like turkey and ham and cheesy casseroles? (Of course, we can have all that in 2018, only veganized, but I digress.)

Take my all-time fave Christmas flick, 12 Dates of Christmas.

Mark Paul Gosselaar’s character makes a quip about being a vegetarian at the holiday table — and everyone looks at him like he has 12 heads. Of course, he’s kidding. And that’s the point!

In the old school, veg eaters were a punchline. In 2018, they’re headliners. THE FUTURE IS VEGAN Y’ALL!

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