Vegan Thanksgiving Is a Top Google Search Term; Twice As Popular as Keto – Some Vegan Girl

Turkey is on its way out.

I mean, it’s about time we took the dead bird off the table for Thanksgiving!

According to almighty Google, more and more people are interested in plant-based alternatives for their holiday feasts.

According to Google Trends Thanksgiving 2018, “vegan Thanksgiving” is currently the top diet-related search this year.

Vegan Thanksgiving has more than double the search interest of ‘keto Thanksgiving’ and ‘vegetarian Thanksgiving’ searches,” Google reported on its blog. And when you look state by state, vegan Thanksgiving continues to top the search list — with a few exceptions.

(Thanks to Chef’s Pencil for giving me the heads up on this!)

Surprisingly, interest in vegan Thanksgiving is highest in Wyoming, North Dakota, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Maryland. Google also informed me that “vegan thanksgiving desserts” is up 110% year over year, and “vegan thanksgiving turkey” is up 50%.

Top related search terms include:

  • Thanksgiving vegan recipes
  • Vegan recipes
  • Whole Foods vegan Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving 2018
  • Vegan recipes for Thanksgiving
  • Vegan Thanksgiving dinner
  • Vegan Thanksgiving turkey
  • Vegan Thanksgiving menu
  • Vegan Thanksgiving desserts
  • Vegan Thanksgiving rap

On YouTube, which is part of Google, a fully raw vegan Thanksgiving stuffing recipe is shown as one of the top videos.

You can explore the nitty gritty Google search details here.

Honestly, my fave vegan Thanksgiving recipes are the same ones my fam used to make before I was vegan. All we do is swap out the animal products for vegan butter, cheese, meat, milk, and eggs, and voila! Same exact dishes we’ve always eaten, only no one had to die.

As far as a vegan turkey, well, there are TONS on the market. Hit up Whole Foods or any local grocer and snag a roast from Tofurky, Gardein, or Field Roast. They’re all delish.

On that note, Happy Thanksliving y’all! Hope you have a magical, cruelty-free holiday with delicious food, fizzy drinks, and loads of loved ones.

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